About Me

My name is Ivan Perez and I consider myself a creative visionary that is looking to take my expertise in business, marketing, and advertising to it’s highest level. I was born and raised in California; I love it for it’s ease of access to mountains and beaches. I am a family man first and foremost with a beautiful wife and two amazing boys. They inspire me in all that I do; my caring, my passion, and my drive are all reflected in my home and work life. I aspire for greatness and refuse to settle for anything less.

My Commitment

“You’re Good, Get Better, Stop Asking For Things”

–Don Draper

With a wealth knowledge collected over the 10 plus years in the LED Display industry I am driven to make a difference in the way communities deliver important information efficiently and effectively. I will work to diligently to establish the Signs of Community program in every community possible. The Community Announcement Centers will provide a network to help distribute messages quickly and efficiently throughout the community. More Involvement, and participation in the community is what I strive to see and with the SOC team, we will make a difference.